WordPress Blogging Platform

WordPress comes into variations: WordPress.org and WordPress.com.

Learn the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

  • If you’re starting a blog you might find WordPress.com to be the simplest and least expensive option.
  • However, if you are planning a growing your blog into an actual business or to generate leads for your existing business I recommend using WordPress.org.

The primary difference between the two versions of WordPress is blog hosting. With WordPress.org you’ll have to find and pay for your own web hosting. With WordPress.com your blog will be hosted on their servers. Cost is also a factor. You can set up a blog that is completely free on WordPress.com. With WordPress.org you have to buy web hosting and your own domain. Expect to pay from $40-100 to purchase a domain and hosting.

It should be noted that worldwide the majority of blogs run on the WordPress platform.

While there are many options for blogging, serious bloggers almost always choose WordPress as their blogging platform.

Other platforms are catching up with Google analytics integration, custom themes, and plug-ins – but there is no other option is powerful as WordPress.

Because of the huge number of WordPress themes available (both free and premium) bloggers are able to make WordPress do just about whatever they wanted to.

Themes exist for the following functions:

  • photography blogs
  • e-commerce
  • real estate listings
  • classified sites
  • forum items
  • travel blogs

Checkout this huge set of free WordPress themes. You might also enjoy this comparison of two premium themes.

WordPress Features:

  • Cost: Free (premium options available)
  • Ability to use custom domain: Yes
  • Integration with Google Analytics: Yes
  • Ability to Use Custom Themes: Yes

There is a third option when using WordPress as your blogging platform. Choosing a managed WordPress host will eliminate much of the maintenance and technical side of using self hosted WordPress.org, while still getting the flexibility of custom plug-ins and themes. While managed WordPress hosting is more expensive then shared hosting, it is a good choice for bloggers who don’t want to invest time in technical aspects of their site maintenance.

If you don’t want to use this platform, check out these 3 WordPress alternatives.

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