SquareSpace Blogging Platform

The feature that stands of the most inside of SquareSpace is their LayoutEngine technology. Longtime users of WordPress, or any other blogging platform, will notice this amazing feature right away. Click and drag images, re-size them, and adjust placement faster and smoother than any other blogging platform allows.
Everything is laid out inside a perfect grid so everything is always properly aligned. Text, images, or blocks can be dragged to the exact location where you want them.

Another key feature of SquareSpace is how multiple site components are pulled together all under one platform. Typical website components such as pages and galleries along with blogs and e-commerce stores all work smoothly together. Add a custom template for unique look and you have a dynamic web site with e-commerce and blog functionality.

SquareSpace is a premium-only blogging platform. In fact they also offer a complete and dynamic e-commerce solution starting at just $24 per month. Easily build your website from scratch or using one of their numerous free templates.

Sites and blogs with SquareSpace are hosted in the cloud.

Cloud web hosting is scalable and stable meaning is no downtime and no maintenance required by the blogger.

Benefits of blogging with SquareSpace:

All annual accounts get a free domain name
True 24/7 support: there are no call centers or outsourced help. Everyone on the team is an experienced user of square space.
Apps for iPad, iPhone and android allow post creation review and editing along with comment management and access of web stats available on the go.
No need to worry about the mobile version of your site – every square space template includes a mobile design so that your site will display properly on any device all the time.

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