Jux.com Blogging Platform

Jux.com is unique blogging platform that displays your posts and images full-screen on every device.

If photography is a primary part of your blogging model, you might want to check out Jux.com. While the site is a little hard to navigate, the appearance of the content on the site is outstanding. Simply visit Jux.com and click “sign in” to get started.

While photos are the obvious benefit to a format like this, there are a number of other applications, such as:

  • Slideshow: display images with no clutter
  • Video: display video at full-screen and make an impact
  • Article: display your content above a related image background
  • Top 10 lists: create strong list posts with powerful images

From Jux.com:

Jux is the best showcase for your stories. Share words, photos and videos with unprecedented ease and impact. Fullscreen on every screen. Desktop, iPad and iPhone.

How is Jux pronounced? Jux [pronounced jucks] verb informal. To put something on the internet in a way that awes your peers: “Wow, you gotta Jux that.”

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